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Frederico is a student from Coates Academy mentioned in Gone. He was one of the first to develop powers. Part of a sort of secret club of Coates kids with special abilities, who developed their powers together. He was a catalyst for the manifestation of Bug's powers, when he threatened to "kick his butt." When Caine and his followers set off to take over Perdido Beach, Caine left a boy named Benno in charge. After Benno "poofed," Frederico had to tried to take over Coates in Caine's absence. He allegedly had numerous fights with Andrew during this time for control. When Caine, Diana, Drake and Jack returned to Coates, they restored order and "dealt" with Frederico.

Frederico is later found in the Perdido Beach School. He and Panda staged a diversion to give Drake and his Coyotes the window they need to invade the Day Care and use the children as ransom for Sam's swift surrender during the Thanksgiving battle. He ambushes Sam and strikes with a baseball bat. Dekka rescues Sam and they bind him with duct tape and obtain information about Caine's plan. He later frees himself and rendezvous with the rest of Caine's followers and Coyotes to attack the Town Plaza. Caine's forces are defeated. Frederico's whereabouts or if he had survived the battle is unknown, though he presumably died before Lies as Caine says he no longer has any allies with useful powers apart from Penny and Bug. Frederico was one of the first to manifest special abilities, he had catlike agility and was able to easily leap from wall to wall.

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