Freak and Moof are derogatory terms for a FAYZ citizen with supernatural powers. The term was coined by Zil during a freak hate spree. It has, since then, been one of the most common words in the FAYZ.

The known freaks of the FAYZ include:

The freaks named above are, at least, some of the more notable characters. There are also other freaks who were not named, like the "Firestarter", the little girl who set fire to an apartment block on the first day of the FAYZ and the boy from Lies who could glow.

Some of the freaks received their powers through physical alteration, such as Orc, Drake, Cigar, and later Taylor (although she was already a freak).

None of the freaks kept their powers when the barrier came down, except Taylor as her body had been altered physically.


In the Monster trilogy, those who eat the rock gain a morph (with the exception of Cruz).

The known Morphers are: