Francis was a 14-year-old boy who helps Mary Terrafino run the Day Care. He is described as "the big kid". He is kind to the children and they all love him.



Francis appears for the first time in Hunger. He is put on duty to help Mary Terrafino take care of the littles. At first he is grudging and reluctant to help, but doesn't refuse Mary, becoming dependable and liked by the kids.


In Lies, Francis continues to help Mary in the Day Care. He is also one of the people who gather on the beach at night to listen to Orsay's prophecies. When Jill, the Siren, came along and when Orsay and Nerezza wanted her, he stood up for them. On the day of his 15th birthday, he refuses to stay even when Mary begs him and says the kids love him and need him. Instead he gives her a watch and says his mother needs him.


Francis isn't seen again until Fear where he is in a hospital in the room next to Mary's. It is known that when he arrived on this side of the barrier he came out very mangled and monster-like, very much like Mary. This was filmed by the cameras and received over 70 million views on YouTube. Francis died just after Mary did and after the press tried to interview him.

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