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A child left in a stroller with no parental supervision as a result of the first poof

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For poofing, see Poof.

The first poof was at the beginning of the series, in Gone. It happened sometime in the early afternoon on the tenth of November, 2008. Everyone over the age of fifteen in a twenty-mile radius centering on the nuclear power plant vanished, to reappear outside of the new wall.

Known people that poofedEdit

Character First mention Basic info
Abana Baidoo Lies Abana Baidoo is the mother of Dahra.
Connie Temple Gone Connie Temple is the mother of Sam and Caine.
George Zellicoe Fear George Zellicoe is E.Z.'s father. He was once energetic but fell into depression when he lost his three sons.
Grace Gone Grace was the headmistress of Coates Academy.
Grandpa Luke Gone Luke is the maternal grandfather of Lana, a former alcoholic and a very old Asian man. He doesn't like technology and lives on a ranch near the desert.
Jink Gone Jink is a dyslexic, immature fifteen-year-old. He was in Astrid's math class and she claims he is much better than her, but his dyslexia held him back a grade.
Josh Gone Josh was a student in Mr. Trentlake's history class.
Michael Gone Michael was in Astrid's AP math class. He and Jink are dyslexic, which held them back a grade, but they are apparently better than Astrid, and are also immature.
Mr. Trentlake Gone Mr. Trentlake was the history teacher for Sam, Quinn, Edilio, Mary, Bette and Josh.
Rowena Hillsborough Gone Rowena Hillsborough is Albert's oldest sister. She taught him to cook.
Zane Sperry Hunger Zane is the sixteen-year-old brother of Zil Sperry. Zil resented him because due to Zane being handsome and popular and smart, Zil was never noticed by his parents. Zane is a vegan.