hello, and welcome to the editable fan story! made by YOU! this page will be a fan story created by the community, but with some rules:

1: no vandalizing

2: profanity is allowed, but if you have to say a really bad one like the n word, pleas write it like this: n***** or ^&#@*!

3: if a character dies, they die. if they are critically/mortally wounded, they can be revived in your piece by someone like lana.

4: no one can have the same power: this includes gaia like characters.

5: you can only introduce a single character per piece.

6: you can not use a character from the actual books, other than the littles. this means no sam, dekka, jack, brianna, orc, etc.

to edit this, you will have to go into the classic editor.

the story will start at least a year in the future.

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