The FAYZ Wall is the wall that surrounds the FAYZ area.

Creation right before GONE Edit

Little Pete created the FAYZ wall when there was a meltdown at the Nuclear Plant . LP got distorted when he heard the noises that were made during the meltdown warning. He created the wall without knowing the concequences. However, his movement stopped the meltdown altogether.

Appearances, Descriptions and Assumptions throughout GONEEdit

At first, the wall looks simply like a thin layer of membrane.

It didn't look opaque, but whatever light came through, it was milky, indistinct, and no brighter than their surroundings. The wall was slightly reflective, like looking into a frosted-glass window. It made no sound. It did not vibrate. It seemed almost to swallow sound.--description of the wall, Chapter 6 of GONE

It was described that it went up and up, but faded against the ground of the night sky and as a wall.

Later, Astrid started to assume the wall as an up-turned bowl that covers the FAYZ area. After that, Sam notes that the wall might be a sphere instead of a bowl.

Abrupt Vanishing in LIES Edit

Little Pete's gameboy had been destroyed near the end of the book. It became distorted and caused the FAYZ wall to vanish for just a few seconds then it reappears.

Progressive Blackout during FEAR Edit

Throughout FEAR, a kind of black substance is creeping up the FAYZ wall from the ground that eventually spreads wider as the substance reach for the top of the FAYZ. The wall then turn completely black and the sunlight that they originally had was blocked off. Sam Temple created Sammy Suns in order the provide light.

Transparancy in FEAR Edit

At the end of FEAR, a nuclear bomb was thrown upon the wall. The impact cause the FAYZ wall to turn invisible. Although people from each side could see the other side, they still cannot get through.

Alex Mayle's Intrusion in LIGHT Edit

Somewhere near the front of LIGHT , two adults Alex and another unnamed man was attempting to tape the insides of the FAYZ. As Alex was leaning on a ladder upon the FAYZ as Gaia and Diana got near them. Gaia was hungry so she tried to 'provoke' Little Pete mentally and caused the wall to engulf Alex .

Outside World Affected in LIGHT Edit

Near the end of LightGaia was killing some kids near the rim of the wall. However, her deadly light actually goes through the wall and killed three adults on the other side.

Destruction in LIGHT Edit

In the end, Caine (with Little Pete inside him) and Gaia destroy each other which caused the wall to also collapse.

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