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File-Gone Michael Grant

Like all things,there are mistakes in the Gone series. Here are the mistakes in the Gone series. (This page does contain spoilers)



Hunger Michael Grant


  • Bette's name is written as "Betty"  on pg 249


  • Bathing suit is spelled 'baving suit' on page 422
  • Brittney is spelled "Brittany" multiple times throughout the book.
  • Mary states that when she was 6, her brother got the skateboard she wanted for Christmas. That means John was 1 when he got the skateboard.
  • Andrew and Benno have not been said or mentioned to have returned outside the FAYZ. Only Anna and Emma are mentioned.


  • Caine refers to Drake twice in the present tense, indicating that Caine did believe he saw Drake alive in Lies.
  • Brianna grabs an E string on a cello. A cello does not have an E string.


  • Dekka is described as fast in Plague, but is then described as slow in this book.


  • On Page 33 It says, "she nursed him though it"  It is meant to be "through"
  • Michael Grant refers to Bowie as Sanjit's little sister. He is actually his little brother.
Book cover gone tome 3, mensonges 58412 250 400
Fear gone series

The cover depicts Quinn and Diana


Sam and Diana on the cover of Light

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