Emily is a character who appears only twice in the Gone series. She is a moof, with the power of teleportation.



Emily lives with her brother ( who's actual name is Brother) in an abandoned farmhouse. She makes her first appearance in Gone, when Computer Jack is trying to get to Sam to tell him how to beat the poof. Emily almost shot him, but was stopped by her brother named Brother. He allows Jack to live when he fixes his Wii.


Emily later reappears in Lies, when Caine goes out to her farmhouse as a way to speak to Zil. Zil was going there to collect where he has stored weapons in her home. The Human Crew stole their things there in return for giving Brother DVDS, however he would have liked nothing more than to kill Emily for being a Freak. On a trip to collect weapons, Caine cut him off and told him about a plan to control Perdido Beach. She does not know what Caine or Zil are capable of or what they want to do to her when she becomes no longer useful to them.


Emily does not make an appearance, though she is presumably killed by Gaia, or leaves the FAYZ at the end.


Emily has the power to teleport herself, any person, or any object to the place she desires. Her range is unknown.

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