Edilio's Army was a group of kids trained to handle guns by Edilio. They guarded the Power Plant and other important locations, as well as participating in battles.


Starting in Gone, the good side of the FAYZ started building up an army. The army is made up of a few kids with guns, put through about a day of training. It is run by Edilio and serves the Town Council.

Over the course of the books, the army was used in various scenarios to help keep order amongst Perdido Beach and also to guard important locations, including the nuclear power plant.

Over the course of the books, the army plays an important role in the defending of Perdido Beach, and by the events in Light, they have trained to the point that they can easily handle their guns. Some of the soldiers even possess a great deal of bravery, seeing as some of them willingly distracts Gaia to save their fellow citizens, on the cost of losing their own lives.


Edilio's army is made up of different people, a few of which are mentioned. Brittney was in Edilio's army before she was killed and became undead. Mike Farmer is also mentioned to be part of the army.

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