Darius Lee Ashton, also known as Sergeant Darius, is a supporting character seen in Fear. He is a high-ranking military officer, the boyfriend of Connie Temple, and the sergeant in charge of the operation which aims to bomb the FAYZ wall.

Appearances Edit


Darius is first seen in Fear when he is summoned by government officials to ensure that their operation to bomb the FAYZ runs smoothly without difficulties. Darius is at first quite determined to keep his schedules and to complete the operation his in charge of, until he befriends and later becomes the boyfriend of Connie Temple. Over the course of the Fear, his constantly being shown to regret his involvement in the operation to bomb the FAYZ. Eventually, he breaks and decides to reveal the entire scheme to Connie. Connie later brings the news to a journalist who later writes an article about the scheme, but it is already too late. By the time Connie is able to gather the rest of the relatives of the FAYZ kids, the Gaiaphage has taken over the control and use its immense powers to force the US military to attack the FAYZ. The following explosion is one of the reasons that the FAYZ wall turns transparent.

Darius's fate after Fear is unknown as he is not shown again in Light, but it can be assumed that he was charged for disobeying his orders.

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