The Coyotes make an appearance in the Gone series in almost every book. They are allied with the Gaiaphage, and act as his servants. However, they are not completely loyal, and will sometimes let their animal instincts take over. They are led by Pack Leader, but the leaders have changed three times. They're mutants, as they have the ability of primitive speech. They appear mostly in Gone, but make minor appearances in later books.



Under the orders of the Gaiaphage, the coyotes attack Lana and capture her. They bring her to the Gaiaphage, so that it can use her to give Drake his whip. The Coyotes then ally with Caine when he attacks Perdido Beach, but the attack is unsuccessful, and the coyotes retreat, taking Caine with them. They also attack Orc, eating him alive. Then Orc's body regenerated with the "wet gravel" which covers him for the rest of the series.


In Hunger, the coyotes are still alive, and they are still protecting the Gaiaphage. When Lana tries to blow up the mine they make a minor appearance.


The coyotes do not make a specific appearance.


The coyotes only make a minor appearance. However, they're severely affected by the parasites from the flying snakes (called "Greenies") and the pack is dramatically reduced in size. The only coyote that ever appears in this book is the second Pack Leader who has been infected by the parasites. He wanted to be killed by Sam to avoid a very painful death. Sam agrees to kill him, under the circumstance that the Pack Leader would show Sam where the Greenies live. The Pack Leader agrees, and after holding up its part of the deal, he was killed by Sam. Another coyote is seen later on as Drake is excavating the mineshaft but it is never named.


In Fear, the Coyotes have been severely affected by the viruses that raged during Plague. Only five adult coyotes and one pack of puppies remains. The Pack Leader first refuses to help Drake because he fears it will be the doomsday of his pack, but he later agrees on the condition that Drake feeds the pack, resulting in the death of Howard. The pack is later reduced even further in size, and eventually retreats. It is unknown if they even survived.


In Light, it is revealed that Brianna was given the job to eliminate the coyotes. Most are killed off, but when Dahra crashes her bike and twists her ankle, one comes out of the forest, ready to eat her, until Orc came and scared it off.

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