That's right. But I don't want to shoot no one. Unless they mess with the Healer.

—Cookie about his gun skills

Tony Gilder, usually known as Cookie, is a former member of Orc's crew and a soldier in Edilio's army.


Cookie is a twelve-year-old boy. He is described by Sam as a "baby-faced lump". All else that is known about his appearance is that he was a tall, muscular, and formerly fat kid, as big as Orc despite being younger. He is a former bully. He also likes animals, as seen in Hunger, and is part of Edilio's army. Cookie can drive a truck to some degree.



Cookie first appears drinking alcohol with the rest of Orc's crew. Later, he and Mallet try to take a buggy from Sam, Quinn, Astrid and Edilio. Cookie is challenged by Edilio, but the fight is cut short by the arrival of Orc. Later, Cookie is in the church when the Coates kids arrive, and when he discovers Caine is trying to overthrow Orc, he tries to attack him. However, Caine severely injures him, putting Cookie in permanent agony. He is cared for by Dahra Baidoo.

Later, when healed by Lana, Cookie decides to stop hurting people and leaves bullying behind. He promises to help Dahra and Lana in any way possible, and brings the injured kids to the hospital after Caine attacks.


Cookie, now part of Edilio's army, goes with Albert, Quinn and Lana to Hermit Jim's shack. Lana and Cookie sneak away, although Cookie doesn't know why. He helps her prepare Jim's truck, and reluctantly leaves her at her request to bring a letter back to Perdido Beach.