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Coates Acadamy, school for the "difficult".

Coates Academy (most commonly referred to as "Coates") is a private, elite boarding school, situated close to Perdido Beach. It is where troubled or "difficult" children are sent by their mostly-rich parents. This implies that all students at Coates are relatively intelligent. Major Gone characters that went to Coates include Caine, Diana, Drake, Taylor, Computer Jack, Brianna and Dekka. There is a slight rivalry between the children at Coates and the children at Perdido Beach school.

Location Edit

Coates On Map

Coates Academy on the FAYZ map located in the front of the book

The location of Coates is referred to as "up the hill" (geographical reference). The path up the hill to Coates has been described as more of a mountain than a hill. Sam remembers how if Coates's sports stadium lights were on, the school is sometimes visible from the right view.

Before the FAYZEdit

Because smurfs were sent to Coates due to their problems, many of the smurfs hide the stories behind why they were sent there.

At night, loud noises could occassionally be heard coming from Caine and Drake's room in the boy's dormitory. The events that occur have been left to the student's imagination. Caine and Drake deny everything.

Sam Temple's mother, Connie Temple, was a night-nurse at Coates before the FAYZ.

Before the FAYZ, the headmistress of Coates was named Grace. Coates Academy was nicknamed "The Fear Factory." Its interior is described as being dull and gray by Jack. The tiles in the lunch room are arranged to an arrow pointing up. The school's motto is "Moving forward, together."

During the FAYZEdit


Coates is used as a base of operations for Caine and his 'followers'.


Caine continues to use Coates.


When Caine and the remainder of those loyal to him leave for San Francisco de Sales Island, Coates becomes empty. At some point in the books, Howard begins to use it as a base for his alcohol (and supposedly drug) operations.


Coates remains as a base for Howard and his illegal activities. It is also where Astrid goes to hide Little Pete from the Human Crew, and where Little Pete dies.


Coates becomes deserted once again when Howard is killed by Drake. It is not referred to after this.

Known Students Edit

[1]List of deceased characters, contains how they died.

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