Bradley, better known by the nickname of Cigar after he threw up in an attempt to smoke one, was a fisherman working for Quinn up until the events of Fear.


Cigar was murdered by a pack of hungry zekes in Fear. Cigar remained a fairly incognito character until Fear, in which he is accused of killing another boy named Jaden by attacking him with a chair leg, decorated with nails. Both boys had been intoxicated at the time.

He was tried and found guilty of murder, but instead of a death sentence, Quinn convinced Caine to sentence Cigar to a full day with Penny. Penny drove Cigar to attack his own body, after creating the illusion of red vines growing on his wrists. At sundown, Quinn came to find that Cigar had been driven to viciously claw his own eyes out. In blind rage, Quinn attacked Penny and had threatened to snap her neck, hoping to gain some retribution for Cigar. Quinn decided against killing Penny and instead, took Cigar to see Lana. Lana healed Cigar's wounds, but could do nothing to replace his eyes, except regenerate them to the size of small BB's with which he could only see people as bright colors. He could also see a greenish tentacle around Lana (Which indicates that she is still "possessed" by the Gaiaphage.) 

After his encounter with Penny, Cigar turned to madness and would often alternate between screaming in hysterical fits, or giggling maniacally. His new eyes gave him the power to see things that others could not. For example, he could see the Gaiphage's tentacle trying to penetrate Lana's mind. As the darkness closed in on Perdido Beach, he caught up with Astrid who was making the journey from Lake Tramonto to Perdido Beach. Astrid was amazed to discover that, with Cigar's new eyes, he could see the entity that Little Pete had become after his death.

As she continued her journey in the dark, Astrid could see how broken Cigar had become as he continually talked about seeing frightening things such as "dancing devils". Thanks to Cigar, Astrid discovered that Little Pete had lost the majority of his power after his death, and could do nothing to resolve the approaching darkness.

When the entire FAYZ went dark, Astrid and Cigar were attacked by a group of coyotes. Luckily they survived and got closer to Perdido Beach before stumbling into a zeke field. Astrid escaped the zekes, and regrouped with Sam who arrived shortly after. Cigar failed to escape and was swarmed by the zekes. Strangely, he seemed to accept his fate and did not struggle as the zekes ate him alive. Before his death, Cigar had helped Little Pete to reveal the truth behind the barrier to Astrid, who was immediately overwhelmed with this knowledge. Pete, thinking he had hurt Astrid, fled the scene.