Throughout the Gone series, there are a number of people who get captured, normally to stop them from taking part in a fight.

Gone Edit

The coyotes in the desert capture Lana and turn her into a prisoner.

Caine's supporters capture Sam, Astrid and Little Pete in Ralph's grocery store and bring him to Caine. Quinn also takes part in the capturing by informing Caine's supporters where they would be.

Drake Merwin captures Lana, Sam, Astrid, Little Pete, Quinn and Edilio at gunpoint and plasters their hands.

Hunger Edit

The main prisoner of Hunger is Hunter Lefkowitz, who is captured by Zil Sperry and his Human Crew in the Freaks vs. Normals war. They tie him up and imprison his hands and fingers, then parade him into town, still as a prisoner.

Astrid is caught by Antoine when trying to defend Hunter.

Lies Edit

Zil plans to personally capture Astrid and hold her as a hostage. However, the plan doesn't materialize and Zil is unable to take Astrid prisoner.

Fear Edit

Penny captures and humiliates Caine by plastering his hands

Light Edit

Sam is captured and chained by Gaia to keep him under control

Astrid is captured by Drake but escapes

Edilio captures Astrid around the waist to stop her going after Sam

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