Caine's crew is a group of people under Caine's influence. Most of them are former students from Coates Academy, some of them with incredible powers. These people carry out all of Caine's plans and do his dirty work. The most well know of them are Drake, Diana, Computer Jack, Penny and Bug. It is these members that are or were the most loyal to him. However, by the end of Fear, only Bug still remains loyal to Caine.


  • Diana (betrayed Caine)
  • Drake (betrayed Caine)
  • Penny (betrayed Caine)
  • Orc (betrayed Caine)
  • Howard (betrayed Caine)
  • Jack (betrayed Caine)
  • Orsay (betrayed Caine)
  • Frederico (betrayed Caine)
  • Andrew (betrayed Caine)
  • Turk (betrayed Caine)
  • Bug (betrayed Caine but then became loyal again)
  • Panda (committed suicide to get away from Caine)
  • Mallet
  • Jason
  • Barry
  • Jasmine
  • Louise
  • Chunk
  • Tyrell
  • Karl
  • Chaz
  • Paint
  • Benno

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