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For the parasites that appear in Plague, see Bugs.
Fly away, little Bug. Fly away, and see what you can see.

—Caine to Bug in Hunger

Tyler, mostly know by his nickname Bug, is a character appearing in every book in the series.


Bug is a Coates student allied with Caine with the ability to camouflage himself so well that he almost becomes invisible. Few people like him, and almost everyone finds him creepy. His life outside of Coates was bad, with him being denied permission to see his mother and hating his father.

He is given the nickname Bug when he secretly recorded a parents evening and posted embarrassing clips on social media. He would also eat bugs as a dare. Bug is loyal to Caine because he doesn't want to get killed by him or Drake. He isn't much of a bully but he did every order Caine sent him on. He is depicted to be mischievous, quite disloyal, greedy, and dishonest. He would give up his friends if it came down to the wire (although he has no friends), and has no respect for privacy.

Bug is very short and runty, with scruffy brown hair and a lot of freckles. He also has buck teeth and normally wears a hoodie and shorts.


Before the FAYZ

Bug's parents are divorced and his father took custody of Bug and his much older brother, Joe Junior, who was a drug addict, despite his mother desperately wanting him. His father didn't care about Bug, he just hated Bug's mother and did not want her to "win." Bug would often get beaten and therefore started to hide, usually in the attic. He used Facebook (when he was eight or nine) to post recordings of teachers and parents talking about embarrassing problems of kids in his class. He was sent to Coates both as punishment and for his safety.


He was used by Caine as a spy against Sam and the kids of Perdido Beach. He warns Sam of Caine's deal before the coyotes attack.


He was still a spy for Caine. He went to Perdido Beach a lot to give some useful information to Caine, but once the fishing business came, he went to Sam's side in return for fish. So then he decided to stay in Perdido Beach for a little while in the end of the book. This is the only book where Bug is a narrator.


Caine reluctantly accepts Bug back into his group. On his usual stalking mission in Perdido Beach, he discovered stories about an island that was enclosed in the FAYZ. He tells Caine, who decides to go to the island along with Bug, Diana, and Penny. Even though it took along time to get a boat and still get there, they still made it.


Bug spies on Diana while she is changing, because Penny already caught him and used her powers against him. He eventually leaves the island and moves to Perdido beach with Caine's group. He is then used as a spy and survives the Bug Attacks.


Bug is used as a spy for Caine. He doesn't actually appear in this book.


Bug is out of control and is causing everyday little problems in Perdido beach such as stealing and pranking. He did one interview about Sam stating that Sam almost killed him once. Bug might have died but it is unknown, Gaia does turn invisible in the ending moments of the FAYZ, but he might have been killed at the barrier near the end. and when the FAYZ ends he does not turn up with the remaining survivors. But it is unconfirmed.

Bug, like many other characters such as Quinn, Sanjit and Roger, vanishes from the series in the Monster, Villain, Hero arc.

Power and abilitiesEdit

Bug has the ability to blend in to his surroundings appearing practically invisible. When Bug is using his powers, he is said to look almost like a ripple in wallpaper. Because of this, you can detect where he is if you focus hard enough. He has the ability of camouflage, the ability to blend into the background (including clothes). His skin and clothing can take on the coloration of his surroundings. He is still visible if you know where he is, but otherwise he is practically invisible. He is not able to cover objects larger than a food bar.


Caine Soren

"Caine won't kill me. He needs me." – Bug's ego to Diana

Bug is useful to Caine and is one of the most loyal members of the crew. Caine has saved Bug's life a few times, but only because Bug might come in handy later. Caine and Bug had an almost friend-like relationship at one point, but Caine mostly finds Bug to be annoying and creepy, while Bug only really is friendly towards Caine out of fear. Bug is one of the few people who has seen Caine at his weakest.

Drake Merwin

Bug and Drake generally understand and almost respect each other. Drake has threatened to kill Bug, but although Bug disobeys Drake numerous times (without Drake realizing), Bug never hates Drake or wants him dead, but rather works around him.

Diana Ladris

Bug and Diana don't like each other. Diana is not scared of Bug and likewise is Bug is not scared of Diana, although he is he does find her threats to be frightening. Diana finds Bug to be predictable and generally dislikes him. Bug does not respect Diana and often swears at her behind Caine's back (literally) when in plain sight. He also has a habit of spying on her in her underwear. Diana almost feels sorry for him at times, but not for long.

Orsay Pettijohn

Orsay regards Bug as a little creep, however Bug seems to treat her as an ally. He tells her "We work for whoever offers us the best deal".


Bug and Penny might have been friends at one point. They help each other numerous times and Bug sometimes visits Penny when her legs were shattered. However, after Penny finds Bug spying on her when she changes, she uses her power to torment him.

Sam Temple

Sam generally takes Bug in stride, and is one of the few people to remember that Bug exists.

Edilio Escobar

Edilio trusts Bug even less than everyone else. He even finds a way to find the invisible Bug, which seriously rattles Bug.


  • Bug developed his power when threatened by Frederico.
  • He is a pervert and spies on Taylor, Penny and Diana while they change.
  • Bug was ten in the first book, however in Plague he was described as having "recently turned ten."
  • Bug's least favourite food before the FAYZ was fish.
  • Bug is arguably the most loyal of Caine's followers, as most betrayed him and Diana was only loyal because she loved him (she hated most things he did).
    • Whilst he did leave Caine in Hunger, this was due to him almost starving to death, and he returned to Caine after learning Drake was dead.
  • Bug has two POVs in the series, both in Hunger.
  • In Plague, Diana states that Bug was becoming a four bar. This was most likely a threat as Bug's abilities don't seem to improve.
    • It should be noted, however, that in Light he has become able to camouflage entire fish and cabbages whereas in Hunger he could only camouflage a food bar by hiding it up his sleeve.
  • Bug is the only character to never show evidence of a conscience.
  • Bug has ophidiophobia and thalassophobia.
  • The character Bug Man in Michael Grant's other major series, BZRK, is very similar to Bug.


  • "We work for whoever gives us the best deal." – Bug to Orsay in Hunger
  • "Joe junior, my big brother, he got high a lot." – Bug to Diana
  • "He went through it. Crash. Bumpety-bump all the way down. It’s a long way down. Me and Penny just climbed down, so I know it’s a long way down. Anyway, he's totally dead." – Bug to Caine about Panda
  • "I'm hungry. I'm just so hungry." – Bug to Quinn


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