For the parasites that appear in Plague, see Bugs.


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Real name


"Fly away little Bug. Fly away and see what you can see."
—Caine Hunger


Bug is a 10-year-old boy from Coates Academy. He is a 3-bar with the ability to blend into his surroundings.

He is given the nickname Bug when he placed hidden cameras in a classroom at parents evening and posted embarrassing clips on social media. He would also eat bugs as a dare. Bug is loyal to Caine because he doesn't want to get killed by him or Drake. He isn't much of a bully but he did every order Caine sent him on. He is depicted to be mischievous, quite disloyal, greedy, and dishonest. He would give up his friends if it came down to the wire, and has no respect for privacy. Bug's real name is Tyler.



He was used by Caine as a spy against Sam and the kids of Perdido Beach. He warns Sam of Caine's deal before the coyotes attack.


He was still a spy for Caine. He went to Perdido Beach a lot to give some useful information to Caine, but once the fishing business came, he went to Sam's side in return for fish. So then he decided to stay in Perdido Beach for a little while in the end of the book. Bug also had a major crush on Computer Jack, but it soon faded due to his realization that Jack and Brianna already shared romantic feelings towards each other.


Caine reluctantly accepts Bug back into his group. On his usual stalking mission in Perdido Beach, he discovered stories about an island that was enclosed in the FAYZ. He tells Caine, who decides to go to the island along with Bug, Diana, and Penny. Even though it took a really long time to get a boat and still get there, they still made it. Once they were there, Bug was being annoying, so Caine throws him off a cliff, but Bug still survives.


Bug spies on Diana while she is changing, because Penny already caught him and used her powers against him. He eventually leaves the island and moves to Perdido beach with Caine's group. he is then used as a spy and survives the bug attacks (probably hid and turned invisible).


Bug is used as a spy for Caine and is set with the task of looking after Penny. He stays in Perdido beach and is not heard of again after his short appearance in the start but he probably is in Perdido beach doing whatever he likes.


Bug is out of control and is causing everyday little problems in Perdido beach such as stealing and pranking. He did one interview about Sam stating that Sam almost killed him once. Bug might have died but it is unknown, Gaia does turn invisible in the ending moments of the FAYZ, but he might have been killed at the barrier near the end. and when the FAYZ ends he does not turn up with the remaining survivors. But it is unconfirmed.


Bug has the ability to blend in to his surroundings appearing practically invisible. When Bug is using his powers, he is said to be almost like a ripple in wallpaper. Because of this, you can detect where he is if you focus hard enough. He has the ability of camouflage, the ability to blend into the background (including clothes). His skin and clothing can take on the coloration of his surroundings. He is still visible if you know where he is, but otherwise he is practically invisible. He cannot manage to cover objects larger than a food bar. According to Diana, Bug discovered his power when he was threatened by a bully named Frederico.


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