Cigar got his nickname from smoking a cigar and getting miraculously sick. He is said to be around 10.



Cigar is one of the kids seen with Orsay at the wall. She tells him that his mother thinks of him.


Quinn's fisherman crew (which includes Cigar) compared Cigar to a five foot long shark after it was caught by them.


Cigar killed someone in self-defense. Since this was at the beginning of "King Caine's reign", he still had his system. He sentenced Cigar to a whole day with Penny. She made him see red vines and made him think they were delicious, before she created the illusion that they were really the veins in his arms. This is the only one of Penny's tricks we see, but she does enough to make him rip his own eyes out. Cigar was one of Quinn's fishermen, so Quinn goes to find him. When he finds out Penny has him, he storms in and saves Cigar. Quinn is able to resist Penny's illusions and punches her in the face. Quinn takes Cigar to Lana, where she tries the heal his eyes. It doesn't work very well, and they only turn out the size of small marbles. Cigar doesn't see normally anymore, instead he sees a parallel universe, the one where Little Pete is in his spirit form. Eventually, Astrid finds Cigar wandering around. She realizes he can see Little Pete and keeps him with her. They stay together during the darkness. They run into some zekes and Astrid tries to save him, but he gets eaten, only his skeleton left behind.


  • People in the FAYZ get their fear of red vines from the incident with Cigar.

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