Bowie Brattle-Chance is the adoptive son of celebrities Jennifer Brattle and Todd Chance as well as the adoptive brother of Sanjit, Virtue, Peace and Pixie Brattle-Chance. When the FAYZ began Bowie was Living on Sanfransisco de Sales island with his adoptive family. When Caine, Diana, Penny and Bug arrive at the island, he is extremly ill and stays with Peace and Pixie while Sanjit and Virtue do the talking. Once their unwelcome guests have been drugged, Bowie and the rest of his family escape on a helicopter. At the end of 'Lies' the helicopter crashes near the hotel. All five of them survive the crash. Later Sanjit gets into a relationship with Lana and Bowie, who's no longer ill, moves into the hotel with rest of his family.

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