Bowie Brattle-Chance is one of the five adopted children of the celebrities Jennifer Brattle & Todd Chance. He lived on San Francisco de Sales Island with his adopted siblings Sanjit, Virtue, Peace and Pixie.


Bowie is five years old and is originally from Ukraine. Sanjit describes him as a very pale good-looking kid, with watery blue eyes and goofy teeth.



Bowie is very sick and isn't getting better. Virtue, acting as the doctor, is unable to help him. He escapes from the island in the helicopter when Caine, Diana, Bug and Penny arrive.


He is mentioned at the end of Plague as one of the people staying at Lake Tramonto with Sam (along with Lana and his siblings). Lana moves them all back to Clifftop before long.


In Fear, Quinn notices Sanjit has now moved into Lana's house, taking his siblings with him. Later, Bowie comforts Cigar, who was panicked and slightly off the rails at the time.


Bowie fetches Lana to heal people.


  • In Light, he is mistakenly referred to as "Sanjit's sister" when in fact he is Sanjit's brother.
  • Cigar describes Bowie's soul or spirit as a "small, albino kitten".
  • Bowie is the only European to appear in the entire series.