Bowie Brattle-Chance

Full Name

Bowie Brattle-Chance




5 (as of Lies)


Todd Chance (adoptive father)

Jennifer Brattle (adoptive mother)

Sanjit Brattle-Chance (adoptive older brother)

Virtue Brattle-Chance (adoptive older brother)

Peace Brattle-Chance (adoptive older sister)

Pixie Brattle-Chance (adoptive younger sister)



Bowie Brattle-Chance is one of the five adopted children of the celebrities Jennifer Brattle and Todd Chance. He was born in Ukraine. He lived on San Francisco de Sales Island with his adopted siblings, Sanjit, Virtue, Peace, and Pixie.

In Lies, he and his siblings escape the island on a helicopter flown by Sanjit. Bowie was very ill (likely dying) of the flu, but Lana later heals him at the town.

He is mentioned at the end of Plague as one of the people staying at Lake Tramonto with Sam (along with Lana and his siblings), and in Fear, Quinn notices Sanjit has now moved into Lana's house, taking his siblings with him. Also during Fear, Cigar's new eyes, coupled with his insanity, make him see Bowie in the form of a "small, albino kitten".

In Light, he is mistakenly referred to as 'Sanjit's sister' when in fact he is Sanjit's brother.

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