For the events before the Battle of the Mineshaft and the battle that led to this battle, see Battle of the Nuclear Power Plant.

The Minehaft Battle began when Coates Academy captured the power plant to feed the Gaiaphage uranium and turned off the power completely in Perdido Beach. As Caine broke in, they attacked the guards, killing Brittney, one of the guards. Sam, Brianna, and Dekka arrive and they battle it out with Caine, Drake, and Drake's army.

The battle ends up outside of the power plant. Drake is about to crush fuel rods, which would eventually kill everyone in the FAYZ. Caine finally gains common sense and uses his telekinesis to supposedly kill Drake, but not before Diana is put out of action.

Then, Sam and Caine come up with a plan to defeat the Gaiaphage. Then Sam askes Brianna to go get Duck. Next, Sam, Caine, Edilio, and Duck go to defeat the Gaiaphage. Lana (possessed by the Gaiaphage) shoots Edilio, so Sam, Caine, and Duck head on. Sam uses his power to have the light in his hands, so they can see, and then Duck asks Caine to throw him at the Gaiaphage as hard as he can. In the air, Duck uses his power (to change his density) to become heavier than a mountain, and hits the Gaiaphage, knocking the Gaiaphage to the bottom of the FAYZ. However, Duck dies in the process. When Sam and Caine come out, Lana heals Edilio, Dekka and Diana. Drake actually died in the mineshaft after being crushed.

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