Battle of the Highway




Gaiaphage and its allies flee



This battle was fought on the abandoned highway in total darkness. Sam and Caine formed an alliance to stop Gaia's forces from reaching the wall and escaping. They attacked head on, beating Drake, but Penny's power proved decisive, overwhelming Sam and allowing Drake to get the upper hand on Caine. They retreated, regrouped, and ambushed Gaia at the wall. Sam incapacitated Drake then attacked Penny, who had stunned Caine with her power. Sam wounded her and, knowing she was too dangerous to live, prepared to kill her. She attempted to use her power on him to save herself, but Sam was too close for this to make him miss. A second before he could kill her, a recovered Caine did it himself, wanting "payback" for what she had done to him earlier. During this time, Diana tried to protect Gaia, but she then joined the fight, and held her own extremely well against the two four bars. She caught Sam in a deadly grip, lifted him into the air, and nearly streched him apart. Caine threw a rock at her, freeing Sam, but only became her next target. She lifted him into the air and pressed him hard against the FAYZ wall, nearly killing him. Sam interrupted her, shooting her with one of his beams just as the wall turned transparent due to the military's nuclear weapon. Gaia proved highly resilient to the attack and was barely affected, but Sam fired twice more, eventually managing to set her skin on fire. This was not sufficient to cause permanent damage, but was enough to force Gaia, Drake, and Diana to retreat. However, this attack was witnessed by a number of people outside, including a number of cameras, and the world was stunned by seeing Sam burn a seemingly innocent child. And even though the kids of the FAYZ had won a temporary victory, they knew Gaia and her servants would return.

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