The bars system is a measure sysem that Diana Ladris invented for reading power levels of the children of the FAYZ. She sees it like a cellphone signal.

The highest known power level is four bars, held by Caine Soren, Sam Temple and Gaia. It is highly likely that Little Pete is believed to have passed them, with a possible total of seven bars or higher. The most common amount of bars in the FAYZ is one bar. In many cases, these "hidden mutants" have a power that's so weak, it doesn't even show. Two bars tend to be usable (albeit not in combat), but three bars are most commonly used in fighting. Both two and three bar powers can be useful, and are far more common than four bars, so these are the most documented. Caine and Sam are the most powerful recorded mutants (due to Little Pete not being measured), with powers of telekinesis and a killing light, respectively.

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