The Power refers to the supernatural abilities displayed by several of the teenage residents of Perdido Beach.

The Power manifests itself in several abilities that the teenagers handle in different ways. Abilities vary from teleportation, telekinesis, super speed and reading the power levels of other individuals with the power, although the most common exhibited so far is teleportation, shown by Taylor, Little Pete and Emily, though each of their teleportation abilities are slightly different.

Computer Jack brought to the attention of the Coates kids that abilities seem focused through the hands (though this may not always be the case, as Taylor and Little Pete require only to know where they are going and Orc is almost completely covered in stone). As a result of this observation, Caine had kids in Coates academy he did not trust have their hands encased in plaster in order to stop them rebelling.

Astrid observes in Gone that Diana said she reads power levels like cellphone bars and as such, The Powers may be using an energy source for the abilities to work, though it is unknown what the energy source or 'Cellphone tower' may be. Though it may be the energy surrounding the FAYZ, it should be noted that Sam, Caine, and a couple of the other Coates kids' abilities were working before the energy bubble appeared, although the rate of those who discovered their powers accelerated after the FAYZ happened.

Although most kids with powers use them for good the exceptions being the majority of the Coates kids, many 'normals' fear and/or hate them which has led to many derogatory terms such as muties, freaks, moofs and chuds. Hatred of "freaks" began in Hunger due to Duck's activation of powers nearly killing Zil Sperry. Zil and his freak-hating group named the "Human Crew" gained momentum through Harry's accidental death by the hands of Hunter which lead to Hunter's near hanging at the end of Hunger. The controversial hatred reached its highest point when the Human Crew set fire to Perdido Beach midway through Lies.

Gaia explains the powers further by saying, "All things are connected to me, stupid... Diana. My father's power exists because he mutated and formed a field with me. When he dies, one end of that field will fail. The power that stretches between us will fail. Eventually, though, I will cause others to mutate. It's my... my nature. It's what I am. What I may lose today, I can gain back later. Over time." She states that she is the reason behind why everyone has powers, but she is not the owner of the powers.

Power levelsEdit

Diana invented a power level system that ranges from one to four bars. The higher the bar, the stronger the power. The idea of using bars is taken from the bars used to indicate signal strength on a mobile phone.

Off the Scale
Four Bars
Three Bars
Two Bars
One Bars
Unknown Levels

Exhibited PowersEdit

Power Bars Users Description
Telekinesis  4 Caine The ability to move objects with the mind. Caine's ability is one of the most developed in the series so far. He is capable of lifting things a normal human would never accomplish.
Teleportation  3 Pete EllisonTaylor, Emily The ability to move from one place to the other without traveling the distance between. Little Pete can travel great distances with his ability but cannot really control it. A three bar, ability, as stated by Diana in Gone, but Little Pete's is probably much higher, as he can take people with him when he teleports, while Taylor's ability is limited to herself. In Emily's case, she can move the world around her so that she is in the place she wants to be. Her power is more or less like Taylor's, but she has the ability to move other objects and people, unlike Taylor, who can only teleport herself (including her clothes) and other small objects she can carry. Emily's power level is unknown, though it is suspected to be at least a bit above Taylor's. 
Laser/ Light Projection 4 Sam The ability to shoot super-heated light capable of severely burning someone. The light also seems concussive as well as heated. Sam used to only have access to his ability when in distress or angered, though later is able to use it at will. His step-father had his hand removed when Sam first used his power. It is hot enough to melt lead and concrete. Sam is also able to project light from his hands or create a ball of light without heat that will hang in the air. Four bar ability.
Light projection 2 Thuan Vong, Bouncing Bette Ability to project light from one's hands. Bette claimed the light wasn't able to hurt anyone, though the Coates student was supposedly able to do what Sam can but less of it. Is a two-to-four bar ability.
Pyrokinesis  Unknown Unnamed fire-starter Ability to shoot jets of flame from one's hands, has certain adhesive characteristics.
Enhanced Speed 3 Brianna The ability to move at speeds not possible for a normal human, translating to more than just running speed, but also other activities such as coughing and writing. In GONE, Brianna has no problems when using her powers such as getting tired. Though in HUNGER, due to lack of food, Brianna can not run as far as she normally can without tiring.
Gravity suspension 3 Dekka The ability to suspend gravity in an area. This causes objects in the affected area to lift up from the ground either rapidly or slowly. Dekka was capable of lifting up a wall from the ground with this ability. She sent a person flying towards the roof in Perdido High at a very fast speed, enough to injure the person. Her ability can affect an area from between a few feet away and as far as she can see. She can also make herself float up due to this.
Power reading 2 Diana The ability to read the power level of other individuals who possess the power: It's described as being like a cell phone bar system.
Invisibility/Camouflage 2 Bug, Unnamed Coates Girl Ability to change color and 'blend in' with the background of an area, becoming quasi-invisible but can still be seen.The ability to render oneself undetectable to human eyesight
Shockwave  3 Andrew Ability to shoot sonic waves from one's hands capable of breaking through concrete and breaking the sound barrier causing pain to people in the area. His ability tires him after extensive, continuous use.
Enhanced strength 2-3 Computer Jack Ability to have immense strength in one's hands. Jack could bend metal, break through two solid steel doors and haul the backhoe out of a grave with his ability.
Microwave projection 3 Hunter The ability to heat a target from the inside, has been described by Hunter as "the ability to direct killing heat wherever he wanted" meaning he can cook the target from the inside out, has a range of 50 feet. Also described as similar to Sam's power, who uses light as heat, whereas Hunter's ability is more that of a microwave.
Destiny  2 Astrid Ability to view a person's 'importance' as a streak of light in the sky. It is unknown what the lights really mean. Described Sam as looking like a comet with stars trailing behind it, he has the brightest streak of importance in the FAYZ. NOTE: Michael Grant has removed Astrid's power because it does not appear in any other book and she is considered normal. Michael has stated that this power will make no further appearances.
Dream viewing 3 Orsay Ability to view a person's dreams. The person is aware of her being there, though belives she is just part of the dream.
Immortality  Unknown Brittney DDrake Ability to, literally defy death. Brittney survived mortal wounds without suffering pain while still having her sense of touch and Drake was cut up into tiny pieces but still regenerated.. It is unknown whether or not this was actually Brittney's power. Later, she merges with Drake to form the Drake-Brittney creature, so the Gaiaphage could have been preserving her life for that.
Healing  3 Lana Lazar Ability to heal any injury besides fatigues such as hunger or tiredness. Was able to heal most sicknesses as well, but in Plague, the SDC was beyond her ability to heal, immune to her. She cannot grow limbs back, and her attempts to do so (once under controlled by the Gaiaphage left Drake with a 'whip arm' which resembles a tentacle, and Cigarwith 'bb' eyes.
Density Control 2 Duck Ability to control one's density. Duck could become invulnerable to damage and sink through the ground when in a panic or distressed. When happy, Duck could float a many feet off the ground.
Illusion Creation 3 Penny Able to make one seem like they are in a different world/facing monsters, but can also be used to create pleasure, such as sweets, like she did with Cigar who later clawed his own eyes out. Observers do not experience the illusion.
Reality Manipulation 7 Little Pete Ability to alter reality, such as creating the FAYZ, altering DNA, and battling the Gaiaphage on another plane of reality
Dream Creation 7 Little Pete Ability to bring creatures from ones mind into real-life, as Little Pete does with Nestor and the monsters in Hunger
Siren Unknown Jill Jill is able to distract people when she sings. It is described as 'using a pause button." it effectively distracts everyone near by so they can't pay attention to anything but her singing.
Judgement  1 Virtue Sanjit

mentioned that he thought Virtue had the power to judge a person's character.

Lie Detection 1 Toto Ability to tell when a person is lying or telling the truth. In Toto's case, this judgement came impulsively and he announced when someone was being truthful or not.
Phasing Unknown Darla While trapped in an government facility with Toto, Darla tried to use her ability- to move through solid ojects, to escape but was given an electric shock while in a wall causing her power to stop and for her to materialize in the middle of a wall and die.
Age Acceleration Unknown Gaia Diana and Caine's child, Gaia, grew rapidly, both in utero and after she was born. Whether this is due to the Gaiaphage growing her, or her own ability is unknown.
Mimic Unknown Gaia  Most likely also due to the Gaiaphage's influence, Gaia was able to use the ability of any other 'mutant' in the FAYZ, as long as they are still living. She had the capability of superspeed until she killed Brianna, although she didn't have control of Little Pete's powers, although he was technically 'body-dead' at the time. 
Water Manipulation/Hydrokinesis Unknown Cathy Ability to manipulate water
Plant Manipulation/Agrokinesis Unknown Sinder  Sometimes described as a 'Green Thumb' power, Sinder is able to influence and accelerate the growth of plants. It was also implied that this ability came with some healing power when she and Lana healed Taylor after Little Pete altered her DNA.
Superhuman Agility Unknown Frederico  Shown to have fast, 'cat-like' reflexes, Frederico's agility and dexterity are shown to have increased, able to jump long distances and hang from the ceiling with ease.