Barbara's Daycare is located at First Avenue. It shares the building with the Ace Hardware Store and is located next to the burned down apartment, where the apartment fire took place.


Barbara's Day Care is the place where Mary Terrafino and her brother John take care of the "littles", other workers work in shifts with two taking the morning, midday and night shifts. Workers are employed for an unknown amount of time, and choose tasks from a list. In Gone, the center's wall was destroyed by Drake and the coyote pack. By the time of Hunger, the wall is still destroyed and is covered by a tarp. While the building is still standing by the end of Lies, the "littles" face an uncertain future due to Mary poofing. Mary was best known for her name 'Mother Mary' she protected the "littles" from the start of gone. Mary tried to make the "littles" commit mass suicide by jumping of a cliff leading to deadly rocks and the sea, she believed that they would return to their loved ones if they died.

John Terrafino is in charge of the Day Care after Mary's poof. Over the course of the books, noted employees include the twins, Emma and Anna, Francis, and for a very short time Panda. It is never mentioned after Mary's Big Jump.

Known EmployeesEdit