Astrid Ellison's house is the residence of the Ellison family before the FAYZ and continues to be Astrid and Pete's residence until it is burned to the ground by Drake Merwin.


Astrid’s house is two stories high, relatively new, and has a pool. Everything dangerous in it is protected, for the sake of Little Pete. Although Astrid is not rich, her home is described as being a lot nicer than Sam’s, and “nice and a little fancy”.


In Gone, Astrid goes home with Sam and Quinn to check if her parents are there. Later in the book, Drake Merwin burns it down when hunting for her, so Astrid and Little Pete move in with Mary and John Terrafino. It is mentioned that their house also became known as Astrid's house, because she "instantly seemed to take ownership of any house she entered".

Location Edit

Starting directly from the marina to get to Astrid's house you would have to go up Brace Road and take the second turning on the left. The simplest route from there is to go right and then turn left, so you are in front of where you were anyway. Then you simply have to turn right assuming you were still facing the way you were going to go, continue to the end, and Astrid's house is on the left.