Antoine is a 12-year-old boy that is introduced in Hunger. He and Zil are almost killed by Duck when Duck uses his power to sink below the pool and almost pulling Zil and Antoine with him. He is one of the original members of the Human Crew (Zil, Antoine, and Hank).

In Lies, Antoine is with the Human Crew when they set Perdido Beach on fire. Sam goes out to attack and puts a hole (using his power) in Antoine's torso. Antoine begs them to bring him to Lana, and Hank, annoyed by his cries, says he'll bring him to her, but he leaves Antoine on the beach. After the fire, Zil believes that Antoine is dead, but he says it wasn't a big loss because "he was a drug addict."



In Hunger, it seemed that Sam didn't even know Antoine. Although the heat started when Harry was killed, Zil started the Human Crew. Then Zil started this army and demanded weapons and food. When Sam said they caught Hunter and then tries to kill him, until Astrid intervened with the situation. Antoine was one of three to catch Astrid, although got knocked out by Orc. Antoine isn't is mentioned again throughout the novels. Sam was not a happy person with Antoine for hitting Astrid.


He obviously didn't like Astrid as he was the one who attacked, it is unknown if they made up or talked to each other.


Antoine respected Zil as did many others, he did what he was told and never stepped out of line. He accomplished with Zil such as catching Hunter {in the book Hunger} as well as attacking Duck. 

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