Abana Baidoo

Full Name

Abana Baidoo




Dahra Baidoo (daughter)




In the world

Abana Baidoo is Dahra Baidoo's mother and appears in Lies and Fear.

She is only mentioned in Lies as part of Orsay's dreams.

The real Abana later appears in Fear with Connie as they are coping without their children. It is implied that she loves her child greatly and knows she's still alive. She and Connie are good friends and have been friends ever since the coming of the FAYZ.

After Connie told Abana that she had known about Caine and Sam's powers before the FAYZ, Abana grew irritated and even angry with her friend for not telling her sooner. She was by the FAYZ barrier when it turned clear.

After Dahra's death, it is unknown what happened to Abana.



It is believed that she got on well with her Mom, through them both being skilled at being doctors. Dahra claims that she got the skills from her Mother, teaching her through her knowledge.

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