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I have an theory about something in the series.

Brittany tells Sam in plague 'These creatures have been molded by the lord to be indestructible.' My theory is that each eye colour of bug has exclusive features and defence mechanisms. The red eyes (the ones that attack PB) have a curse on them.

'Those who kill these monsters shall be struck down by the next soldiers of the Gaiaphage'

Breeze and Caine kill all the red-eyed bugs, and, surprise surprise, they are killed by the next soldier of the Gaiaphage, Gaia.

This is just my theory. Don't put this on a wiki page.

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Emma and Anna got out fine because they weren't in the FAYZ long enough to have a connection to it. Mary was in the FAYZ for several months before she poofed so if the connection strained (little Pete being dead) she would die

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• 9/6/2018

Understanding Poofing

I need help understanding why some characters come out fine when poofing, such as Emma and Anna, but others don’t, like Mary.
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• 8/11/2018

I Need Help...

So for the Plague article on the wiki I need a blurb for the New US edition and I was wondering if anyone had the book could they please send me a picture of the cover?
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• 8/3/2018
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• 7/24/2018

Finally making progress on the Gone Game!

A while ago I announced I was working on a roblox gone game, but I soon realized it was too hard without previous knowledge of scripting or coding.
I spent a while learning code and mastering building and now I am so ready to start making the game!
I am creating character models of characters from the book series, adding tools which give the players powers, and creating a "freak" and "human" team mode.

I am also working on The Darkness. I am working on a way for the dome to be slowly covered in darkness (like in book 5 i think) if the darkness is destroyed.
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• 6/30/2018

Would you guys mind if some fan art was used for images???

  • Yes I would mind, don’t do that
  • No, that’s totally O.K
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• 5/24/2018


Which character (who died) do you want to stay alive the most?
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• 4/16/2018


How do you guys think the Breeze would have reacted if she saw the incredible powers found in book six, Monster.
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• 4/6/2018

'Gone' NETFLIX series

Gone was originally going to have a tv series, but it was shut down (possibly) because it would be too gory. So, should Netflix make it instead?
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• 3/17/2018

Roblox Gone Game

I am making a Roblox Gone game. I am replicating the locations, and adding powers from the books. Any suggestions?
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